I admire ships.

This is the most important thing you should know about me and all other information about my person derives from, leads to, and revolves around this fact. I have always suspected that there are plenty of like-minded individuals around the world, like you, but until now I never knew how to get in touch with all of you. So here is my attempt – The Shipyard – a blog about anything that concerns ships, shipbuilding, shipping, and navigation, as well as a meeting point for anyone who wants to be informed, heard, and entertained with these topics.

I promise to devote all my time not occupied by other vital functions to producing original and thought-provoking content and I invite all of you ship aficionados to comment, discuss, and participate to your heart’s content. Be inordinately opinionated, too demanding, overly-detailed, outrageously technical, excessively romantic, over-inspired. I know I will.

Let’s do this.


The Shipyard

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